Choreography Workshop, Informal Showcase

IMG_0986After all the Choreography workshop of Amrita Performing Arts and Mark Morris Dance Group has been going for 3 days, the informal showcase of their work on Friday afternoon was totally down to Earth. It was impressed to see how their work was that great as we already know that Amrita Performing Arts is focusing on contemporary dance but mostly base on classical movement. The dancers of Mark Morris Dance Group were really into Khmer contemporary, they could have done those movements right though it’s difficult for them. “Every of Amrita’s dancers can be the characters of their movements which it’s pretty new for me because all we have done was being ourselves” – Erin, dancer of Mark Morris Dance Group. “They have expressed their confident and focus on their characters which are the things I think I cannot do but once I started dancing with them, they just made me follow them automatically.” – Rita, one of the Mark Morris Dance Group. Moreover, the Artistic Director of Mark Morris Dance Group, Mark Morris said, “I’m so pleased to see they could work together that well because I thought it would be like East and West, very complicated and would not be that satisfied. I like the fact that their work didn’t make us recognize it’s finished. It was so unexpected and I love it.” There are some photos of the informal showcase below.

IMG_0923 IMG_0969 IMG_0988 IMG_1025

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Get Fit in the Park with Mark Morris Dance Group!


Photo Courtesy of Seilboth Lorn

Get fit in the park with Mark Morris Dance Group at river side yesterday evening at 5:00 to 7:00 PM was incredible. So many people have joined and sweat all together with the dance movements instructed by the dancers of Mark Morris Dance Group. Oldies and youngsters, both were so much enjoyed and they wish to have something like this every evening. “Are they going to be here again tomorrow?” –Channy, a middle age woman came and ask with her sweat t-shirt and a big smile. Everyone had experience new exercise movements and fun!


Photo Courtesy of Seilboth Lorn


Photo Courtesy of Seilboth Lorn


Photo Courtesy of Seilboth Lorn


Photo Courtesy of Seilboth Lorn


Photo Courtesy of Seilboth Lorn


Photo Courtesy of Seilboth Lorn

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Choreography Workshop with Mark Morris Dance Group

_D3_6804Yesterday, 15th October 2014, Amrita Performing Arts have conducted a choreography workshop with Mark Morris Dance Group at Circus Hall. The workshop was running full day. In the morning, there was a choreograph workshop from Mark Morris Dance Group and Amrita Performing Arts held the choreography workshop to them back in the afternoon plus it was a practice session as well. The New York’s international acclaimed was learning Cambodian contemporary dance using Cambodian classical movement. It was amazing how they could handle though it’s pretty hard and new. Learning and sharing never exhausts their artistic minds.​

Photo Courtesy of Vannaroth Doeur

_D3_6743 _D3_6747 _D3_6753 _D3_6762 _D3_6781 _D3_6796 _D3_6808 _D3_6824


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Mark Morris Dance Group tours in Cambodia

Photo Courtesy of Katsunyoshi Tanaka

Photo Courtesy of Katsunyoshi Tanaka

The Mark Morris Dance Group has inspired international critics and audiences alike throughout its 30-plus-year history. Founded in New York in 1980 by artistic director and choreographer, Mark Morris, the company spent 3 years in residence at Brussels’ Theater Royal de la Monnaie as Belgium’s international dance company, returning to US in 1991. The company tours domestically and internationally to great acclaims and maintains a deep commitment to live music in performance, having formed the MMDG Music Ensemble in 1996.

Outreach in woven into every aspect of the company’s life, both at its Brooklyn home and on tour. The company brings opportunities for dance, music, talks, and educated to Brooklyn and around the World, from an in-school residency with school-age children to dance for PD, a program that offers teacher training and free classes for people with Parkinson’s disease in eight countries. In Brooklyn, the Mark Morris Dance Center offers affordable dance classes, workshops, and master classes for adults of all skill levels as well as subsidized rehearsal space for the dance community. The school of the Mark Morris Dance Center additionally provides low-cost dance classes to over 1,200 children and teen ages 3 to 17, all accompanied by live music.

The Mark Morris Dance Group is touring in Asia as part of the Dance Motion USASM and will be settled in Cambodia on Monday 13th October 2014 to explore and share their artistic motivations.

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Our Artistic Director at the BACC

© Isaac Oboka

Photo Courtesy of Isaac oboka

Our Artistic Director, Chey ChanKethya, is going to perform her piece, My Mother and I, at the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center on 2nd October 2014. The BACC aims to create a meeting place for artists, to provide cultural programs for the community giving importance to cultural continuity from past to contemporary. It aims to open new grounds for cultural dialogue, networking, and create new cultural resources from both the public and the private sectors. Moreover, it is intended as a venue for cultural exchange in terms of content, curatorial and cultural management, giving Bangkok an operational base on the international art scene.


Photo Courtesy of BACC

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Belle’s Studying Life in Wellington, New Zealand

“I did show my dance to everyone, and they love it so much.” Belle. Chumvann Sodhachivy (Belle), our dancer/choreographer, is now in Wellington, New Zealand, for her second session of study at Victoria University of Wellington. She has made lots of friends and she has mentioned that life there is so much fun and fantastic but she miss her mother and Cambodia so much especially during this Pchum Ben period. She wants to spend times with her family and go to pagoda together. Belle has lots of things to do in class, very busy studying life she has right now. Although she’s very busy with school and homework, Belle will not miss any dance performance. She has joined many dance performances at Wellington in her leisure time. What an artist life! Also she has shown her Cambodian contemporary dance in a dinner meeting last night with her friends and teachers and they love her performance so much. “It was just a small dinner meeting with everyone like a hang out but it was so much fun and creative plus we shared lots of our lives stories and our talents. Some have talents and practice them in their leisure time and some (including me) have talents but develop them into career.” Belle.




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Through the Mask in Indonesia International Mask Festival

“Through the Mask” the work features two of South East Asia’s most exciting young dancers, Chy Ratana from Cambodia and Boby Ari Setiawan from Indonesia opens IIMF Solo Indonesia (Indonesia International Mask Festival) with their strong performances of the new piece, Through the Mask, which choreographed by Peter Chin of Tribal Crackling Wind. It was a great success of them at the historical ruins of Fort Vastenberg from the Dutch colonial period in Solo.

Photos Below: Photo Courtesy of Tribal Crackling Wind

1956964_644284045689442_7234148591537080607_o (1)




10694421_644285499022630_4503994950749848328_o (1)

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