Shared Spaces Meeting

Our Executive Director, Kang Rithisal, is going to join Shared Spaces meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, on 20th of August. Shared Spaces is an informal network, focusing on intercontinental work netting in the field of contemporary performing arts. Artists from many areas of the world have very restricted means to work and the global interest in their work is limited. Intercontinental exchange and cooperation istoday still very imbalanced. Shared Spaces was founded to counteract this situation. The guidelines of the network are the principles of mutual respect, individual engagement and solidarity. Shared Spaces is strengthening and broadening existing links between artists and organizations, and is grafted onto initiatives and events that have been initiated by the partners. The network is not the goal, but the means to achieve the following objectives:

- To raise the funding, independent and without imposed conditions, for artistic creation by artists from outside Europe and the US

- To improve the visibility and the intercontinental circulation of these creations

- To strengthen exchanges and cooperation on a long-term basis between artists and organizations on a global scale

The network itself is not funding projects. Its activities use existing infrastructure and programs rather than creating new institutions.

The networks activities include

- The creation of encounters, of opportunities for conversations and meetings

- The production of artistic work

- Mobility of people, information and projects

- training and capacity building

- Lobbying for more access for artists to intercontinental exchange

The networks tools are

- Online communication tools to share knowledge about existing possibilities and


- Development of Shared Spaces projects for which extra funding can be applied

- Two annual network partner meetings, one of which is held outside of EU / US in

order to give visibility to artistic scenes less present in intercontinental exchange

- The creation of an emergency board, in order give short term support especially for


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Rady in Vienna

“Wien or Vienna is wonderful city and a lot of beautiful building. People are friendly and I am very happy to be here to join the different workshops and see some of the performances in the festival. First, I feel a bit nervous because I can’t understand however I have to run and the teachers are very nice to explain about the technique and movement; and it eases all the students to follow up and try to catch all the experiences. All the dancers from around the world would like to come to Impultanz to join the Vienna international Festival. Hopefully what I am learning could help me to get the new experience in my life of the dance technique and choreography to improve myself to find new ideal or different principles of my body to find the specific from what I will decide to do in the piece and also in the life as well. And I would like to share all these experiences to friends and young generations to understand or could help them for their next step as the dancer. At last I would love to say thanks for this great opportunity. I will observe all the things that I am learning here.” Rady

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Cambodian Shadow Puppet (Sbek), War of the Souls by CHEN Borey

Our dancer, CHEN Borey, has just finished his final exam at RUFA and has just received a great news that he has passed with a great score. Amrita Performing Arts is very happy for Borey whom is our teammate for this successful of him. He has choreographed and performed Cambodian Shadow Puppet (Sbek), War of the Souls. In this piece, he wants to show the audience that people who do good, they will receive good. No matter how much bad people want to attack you, you will never fail because you have done good things. These are some photos of his piece.

Borey final exam by Vathanak Moung (1)

Photographer: Moung Vathanak

Borey final exam by Vathanak Moung (2)

Photographer: Moung Vathanak

Borey final exam by Vathanak Moung (3)

Photographer: Moung Vathanak

Borey final exam by Vathanak Moung (4)

Photographer: Moung Vathanak

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Lakhaon Khaol, Kun Khmer – Choreographed by NOUN Sovitou

Amrita’s dancer/choreographer, NOUN Sovitou, has just finished his final exam at RUFA which the result has already been released that he has passed with a great score. A very great news of Vitou and now that he is on the way to Germany for a workshop trip. He has performed Cambodian Male Masked Dance (Lakhaon Khaol), Kun Khmer which is the piece that he has choreographed by his own self. It  talked about the ability of problem solving which people nowadays do not always use it wisely  and that people are created equally. Some people are selfish and they only listen to their mindsets. Vitou wants to show audiences about the equally of human being, rights, and peace. These are some photos of his piece.


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth

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Belle’s in New Zealand

10272507_10152217278785814_2515330217673159552_oNow I am focusing on English improvement, and I learn a lot about New Zealand culture and some other people from different countries whom are the participant in ELTO as well.

I have chosen “Cambodian Contemporary Dance” as the topic for my presentation. All the classmates and tutors really like it and they learned a lot about Cambodia and me. Moreover, I have to learn along with culture sharing at the same time. Everything here is different from Cambodian, especially time zone which makes me really need to adopt it better that this. However, I am very exciting with the life here in New Zealand. It teaches me lots to be more confident in communication and it is like an eye opening for me to see more about the world. I am very thankful to be allowed for this great opportunity.


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CHEY Chankethya in Ojai Playwrights Conference 2014


Photographer: Jeremy Mimnagh

Our Artistic Director, CHEY Chankethya, is going to join the Ojai Playwrights Conference in California, USA from 2th to 10th of August. She will dance the audiences into the legacy of the Killing Fields and its impact on the generation of women.

The Ojai Playwrights Conference is a non-profit organization focused on playwrights and the development of their new plays. It is founded on the belief that gathering a community of world-class theatre artists together in a place of extraordinary beauty can lead to a collaborative process that enables these artists to qualitatively rework and refine their dramatic vision.

Her Cambodian presence at this American event is a wonderful opportunity that allows dance practitioners and audience to have an insightful experience into the dance traditions and development in Cambodia and Amrita’s endeavors in the field. We are very proud of her.

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Nam Narim has returning to work with Epic Arts.

Nam Narim has returning to work with Epic Arts’ Epic Encounters team to create a new piece in preparation for their tour to UK (November 2014). They want to create a piece ” Coming Back Brighter” that explains the history of the country and its effect on the artist and the arts. Epic Arts believes in a world where Every Person Counts (EPiC) and where people living with disabilities are valued, accepted and respected. “It’s very exciting be a part of this work that we can share the World our Cambodia’s history, and specially I work with disabilities people but I can see their abilities, I am very proud of them.” Narim.


Photo Courtesy of Epic Arts

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