Creation of “Breaking the Silence”: Part 1

Rehearsals at Amrita in January and February 2009

Annemarie, Dutch Director with Kethya, assistant to director and choreographer, and Bunny, stage manager

Four actresses of the Secondary School of Fine Arts: Sokly, Sotheary, Sovanna, Sina

Annemarie with her Dutch assistant, Richt

Sokly and Sotheary read their texts

Annemarie gives notes to Sotheary

Annemarie works on texts with Sina

Annemarie gives notes to Sokly

Sokkona, musician, experiments his musical instruments and composes music for the play

Sakkona works with Vuth, singer and narrator, on chanting

Sakkona still has to find more music 😦

Kethya works with actresses on the dancing part

Ferry, professional Dutch set designer, with his assistant Thearith, works with the visual artists on production design

Ravuth, Samnang, and Vollak, the three emerging visual artists, observe the rehearsal to collect ideas for design.

to be continued…

(Photographs taken by Richt Marten and Rithisal Kang)

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