A Viewer’s Thank You Note for Para-Human Production

Amrita Performing Arts and its staff and dancers are so grateful for the heartfelt and encouraging comment from Sharon Wilkinson who was the Director of CARE International Cambodia and a performer herself. Below is her original message.

Dear Amrita,

This is my first opportunity after the Para-Human production to write to you to say how much we loved the performance. It was spell binding. It was like being at the dawn of human consciousness when the great apes evolve and grief enters the world. We also loved the way the production caught the imagination and taught us a lesson in the process.

Photo courtesy of Anders Jiras

This is a truly moving production superbly staged. The dancers were exquisite giving us a beautifully executed performance. I know I am not alone in feeling it a privilege to be in the audience at the pre-view.

My deepest thanks to Eko Supriyanto and all the dancers as well as all who work behind the scenes to bring about this production.

You will be a huge hit in Singapore.

Sharon Wilkinson

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