Amrita dancers with Post Ego Dance

Amrita Dancers (Belle, Narim, Sopheap, Leak, Nan, and Mo) have been working together in a dance workshop with Yeon Soo of the Post Ego Dance company since January 2nd. Let us share some photos of the workshop below. Please note that the public showing of the result of the workshop will be on January 19th at 6.30pm at the Department of Performing Arts.

IMG_7861 IMG_7867 IMG_7875 IMG_7897 IMG_7907 IMG_7911 IMG_7860

Photographer: Kang Rithisal
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2 Responses to Amrita dancers with Post Ego Dance

  1. Exactly what truly inspired u to compose “Amrita dancers with Post Ego Dance | ប្លក់របស់អង្គការអម្រឹតាសិល្បៈ”?
    I actuallyabsolutely enjoyed reading the blog post! Thanks ,Margery

  2. Hi Margery! The work in progress by Amrita dancers with Post Ego Dance Company’s choreographer from Korea is the result of already 2 years communications between our executive director, Fred Frumberg, and Neo Kim Seng, our collaborator from Singapore who have observed the works done by Choreographer Chung Yeon Soo. Amrita is a contemporary dance company and our artists have been through workshops in order to explore contemporary as part of their work. And this intersection results in this work “Horizontal Life”. Thanks for your visit to our blog and please stay tuned with our activities. Have a nice day.

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