Mahabharata (continued-2)

Mahabharata” is the ancient Indian sacred epic, written in Sanskrit. It consists of a total of 18 books and one hundred thousand poems, which makes Mahabharata 15 times as extensive as the Bible. In no other age or country, a comparably comprehensive epic can be found. For generations, it was respected as a foundation book for various topics, such as Indian religions, thoughts, cultures, philosophy, politics and law etc. It is said that if the reader comprehended the origins of the words of Mahabharata, he would break free from various evils. At the example of the motive of WAYAN (traditional shadow play) in Indonesia, it can be observed how deeply this has impacted cultures centering around Java, Malaysia, Thailand or Bali. “Mahabharata” is as loved and as familiar among South East Asian people, as is the “Three Kingdom Saga” in China.

Mahabharata will perform on July 12th & 13th, 2013 at Department of Performing Arts, Phnom Penh. Ticket will be available soon. Stayed tune.

Photographer Hiroshi Koike
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Learn more about Mahabharata at this link

Mahabharata Artists Bio
profile_cast_04Chumvan Sodhachivy (Belle) began training in Cambodian classical dance in 1994 focusing mainly on the male role of the all female classical court form but is also proficient in Cambodian folk dance and shadow puppetry. Eager to develop her contemporary creative skills, Belle was accepted into Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center 2006 International Summer Arts Program. Since then, Belle has participated in numerous contemporary dance workshops around the world and has been a featured dancer in works by Emmanuèle Phuon, Peter Chin, Arco Renz and others which have toured internationally. Belle has choreographed many of her own works and most recently was a featured dancer in Stravinsky’s Persephone directed by Peter Sellars at the Teatro Real in Madrid.
profile_cast_03Phon Sopheap studied Lakhaon Kaol (Cambodian male masked dance) and completed his training in 2000 and has toured internationally as a classical dancer. With a strong interest in contemporary dance, Sopheap joined numerous regional dance workshops including the Young Choreographer’s Workshop in Surabaya in July 2006 as an Asian Cultural Council recipient where he created his first contemporary solo work entitled A Monkey’s Mask. Since then, Sopheap has toured internationally in works by Emmanuèle Phuon, Peter Chin and Arco Renz and was recently a featured performer in a new work of dance theater at Theater Aachen entitled Tomorrow Maybe by German director Ludger Engels.
profile_cast_05Khon Chansithika began his training in Lakhaon Kaol (Cambodian classical male masked dance) in 2002, focusing on the role of the monkey and completed his training in 2011. Throughout his studies, Mo performed extensively with the Sovanna Phum Khmer Association, an independent dance and puppetry theater in Phnom Penh where he was given numerous opportunities to participate in contemporary dance workshops. Mo was a featured performer in new works by Khmer / French choreographer Emmanuèle Phuon and Indonesian artist Eko Supriyanto and has toured throughout Southeast Asia and most recently was a featured dancer in Stravinsky’s Persephone directed by Peter Sellars at the Teatro Real in Madrid.
profile_cast_06Khiev Sovannarith started training in Lakhaon Khaol (Cambodian male masked dance) in 1991 at the Secondary School of Fine Arts, graduating in 2000. He furthered his studies at the Faculty of Choreographic Arts of the Royal University of Fine Arts in 2005 and graduated in 2011. During the course of his studies, Sovannarith performed extensively in both classical and contemporary works. He was also trained in Khmer traditional martial arts. He has been featured in numerous works by Amrita Performing Arts including Revitalising Monkeys and Giants by Pichet Klunchun, Khmeropedies III by Emmanuèle Phuon, as well as a new Cambodian play Breaking the Silence by Annemarie Prins.
profile_cast_02Sachiko Shirai started ballet when she was 7 years old. From 1982, she belonged to ballet school. She studied under Asami Maki. Graduated from Nippon Woman Sport University. Studied pantomime under Junzo Ohta. From1989, she joined Pappa TARAHUMARA.Since then, she participated almost all of performances of it in Japan and abroad. She played the role of Cinderella in “Cinderella”, the role of second sister in “Three Sisters”, and the role of stepmother in “Snow White”. She joined performances in 35 countries, and her performances have received recognition all over the world.
profile_cast_01Tetsuro Koyano when he was a student of Tokai Univ majoring Music, he started Bali dance along with studying about sound scape. Then he went to Art College of Indonesia to study abroad with a scholarship from the government of Indonesia. He studied under the best contemporary dancer in Indonesia and at the same time got inspired of spiritual philosophy there. In 2006, he stayed in USA with the support of Asian Cultural Council. He participated in “Guliver and Swift”, “Punk Don Quixote”, “SNOW WHITE” as Pappa TARAHUMARA’s production.
profile_cast_07Lee Swee keong studies different techniques and philosophies including Buddism, Taoism, Yoga, Qi Gong , Contemporary Dance and Butoh. He is an artistic director and the founder of nyoba Kan, Malaysia’s only Butoh dance company, and organizing “”nyoba Kan Butoh festival Kuala Lumpur””. He is regular nominee and winner of ‘The Cameronian Arts Awards ‘( Malaysia performing Arts Awards ).
His creation included The Curse of fobidden Palace, Catan Kulit , The Green Snake and etc.
Also he has been invited and performed oversea such as ,
.North West American Asian Arts programme ( USA )
.Pappa TARAHUMARA ( Japan )
.Unlock Dancing Plaza ( Hong kong China )
.Cie Heddy Maleen , europe tour ( France ) and etc.
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