A Contemporary Dance Platform – Peter Chin

On Saturday 2 November we present A Contemporary Dance Platform, featuring three works by three choreographers. Peter Chin, Artistic Director of Tribal Crackling Wind in Toronto, will present his work Ferocious Compassion. Here he shares his thoughts about the Platform:

photograph of PeterChinI think that this Amrita contemporary dance platform is very exciting, a vivid display of  Amrita’s effects on contemporary dance expression, and in general, how far contemporary dance has come in Cambodia. We all have so much to share, such accumulated information in our minds, hearts and bodies, after a decade of work together in contemporary dance, from very little at first in this country! It has been a life-changing opportunity for me to work in Cambodia for over 10 years, and the artists from Amrita have really affected my work in profound ways.

I am so happy to be a part of this, to share the stage with works from Belle and Narim, wonderful artists I admire. And of course, I am excited that a marvellous dancer such as Leak (Chy Ratana) will bring my piece, Ferocious Compassion to life.

He and I have worked on completing it in Toronto this past summer, after Leak danced earlier versions of it in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. I feel that what we have achieved so far is such a vast difference to the Leak of five or six years ago that started to work with me on various projects, still very new to contemporary dance. Exciting. Why have the dancers of Cambodia captured my heart? They have come such a long way in a short time. Amazing.

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