Neo Kim Seng – An independence producer from Singapore also joining the Choreography and Dramaturgy Exchange Project

10264539_10152858924644816_4677402825736343472_nNeo Kim Seng, an independent producer from Singapore is also joining the Choreography and Dramaturgy Exchange project with Lim How Ngean as the co-dramaturge. Kim Seng has worked in Programming and Production Management in Singapore and overseas since 1987. In Singapore, he has programmed for Esplanade, Singapore Arts Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, NUS Arts Festival and managed productions for companies including Asia In Theatre Research Centre, TheatreWorks, WildRice and independent artists. He has also worked closely with visual arts collectives The Artists Village and Plastique Kinetic Worms and has held two solo exhibitions of installation work. He has produced and toured independent dance productions to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada. In April 2014, he made his theatre directing and writing debut with Decimal Points 810 for Cake Theatrical Productions.

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