Phon Sopheap and Naim Syahrazad, Where an interesting combination begins.

This is a project about the meeting of differences and similarities that lead to productive artistic energies. Malaysian Naim Syahrazad and Cambodian Phon Sopheap make choreographic and dramaturgical exchanges as they get to know each other’s artistic as well as personal histories. Both are trained in classical dance while both are embarking on contemporary explorations. This project shares some of their stories with the audience, discovering each other’s art and style of moving while creating new ways of moving and understanding each other.

Dancing is an art, and arts should never be limited. Skill needed to be improved, it’s like forever keep improving and create more. It’s been 3 weeks that they both working together. They are rehearsing everyday for the performance on 3rd July. Through these days, they have learned a lot from each other. Sopheap shared his knowledge to Naim, and Naim has been doing the same. Though they’re from different countries which adopt different cultures and way of life, they’re willing to share each other what they have experienced about contemporary dance. They’re passionate about it and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get their goals. Sopheap has expressed his interest in this project. He said, “I’m interest in dramaturgy with dancing because I am a dancer and in dancing, dramaturgy is way important because it’s an art of representation of the main elements on the stage. I used to just only think about dance but careless in dramaturgy but now I learned some more experiences and it’s really an eye opening.”

However, Naim also has shown his amusement about this Choreographic and Dramaturgical Exchange project. Naim said, “Well I think this is really a great project and I’ m really glad that I’m part of it. To exchange between two cultures, to know each other deeper, and to know Sopheap in person is really wake me up that I’m really lucky to be who I am today. I can see how difficult to survive in this country as a dancer. I also have learned some movements of Cambodia classical dancing from Sopheap. This project is not about making a product but how to know each other, to take all the experiences that we’ve been through and express. I realized I’ve discovered the other part of me that I’ve never known before. It’s really an eye opening for me about who am I, Naim, as a person today.”

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Photographer: Lorn Seilboth

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