Choreorgraphic and Dramaturgical Exchange Project with Lim How Ngean and Naim Syahrazad.

10491262_266349336901796_3329884542342160863_nFor 3 weeks that Amrita’s dancer, Phon Sopheap, has worked with Lim How Ngean and Naim Syahrazad, Malaysian dancer/choreographer. They have worked very hard but enjoyed to create a piece for Sopheap and Naim to perform at Java Cafe and Gallery on 3rd of July 2014. The blending of the classical and the contemporary made this public performance a very new feeds to eyes. Plus, there was a discussion before the performance with Lim How Ngean about the dramaturgy which is sounded very new to us. After the discussion, there was an excerpt showing of Sopheap and Naim about their new piece. It was wonderful as they have mixed the classical monkey dance with the contemporary. And after the excerpt showing, there was another discussion with Lim How Ngean, Phon Sopheap, and Naim Syahrazad about what they have experienced in these 3 weeks rehearsing. Naim said, “It’s really difficult for me to work my body out like Sopheap when he teaches me the classical monkey move. It hurts because my body is not getting used to this kind of dancing but somehow, I tried my best to observe it and I can do it.” Sopheap has also expressed his feeling through this project as well. He said, “Before I never really care about the dramaturgy. I understand what it is after How Ngean has explained but it’s never been put into Khmer word so I was wondering before that. It’s really waking me up and I’m really glad I could have chanced to work with them because if so, I will never put a piece of my heart into something like dramaturgy at all.”

The public performance went very well and there were so many people came and support. We are very glad to give such a wonderful performance and experience and we are very happy to have the opportunity to work with Lim How Ngean and Naim Syahrazad. Plus, our Amrita’s dancers/choreographers have learned lots from them. We’re looking forward toworking together again and we would like to wish them the very best. Love from Amrita.

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