CHEY Chankethya gives a Cambodian Classical Dance Masterclass in the International Workshop in WDA Global Summit 2014.

teaching (ada khun) copyChey Chankethya has taught Cambodian classical dance locally and internationally over 10 years. She teaches both professional dancers and amateurs and taught technique class at secondary school of fine arts, Cambodia, from 2002-2011. Kethya has regularly given dance workshops and master classes at international conferences and festivals and she is currently a part time dance instructor at Khmer Arts Academy, Long beach, and teaching the Cambodian dance class at Department of World Arts and Culture/Dance, University of California, Los Angeles. Now she is going to give a Cambodian classical dance masterclass in the International Workshop for Professional Dance Artists working in performance, education, community, youth and special interest areas which is a part of WDA Global sumit.

This class is an introduction to the basic concepts, principles, and techniques of Robam Boran, a Cambodian classical dance. The class will focus on the basic hand gestures, body postures, the art of expression, meditation, and basic composition of this ancient court dance form. Participants will learn selected dance phrases (known as Cha Bachos) and some movement sequences that interpret the complex principles and narrative vocabulary that make up Cambodian classical dance.

It will enable participants to: 1. Recognize the basic characteristics and vocabulary of Cambodian Classical Dance, 2. Understand the key concepts and discourses involved in the study of the form, 3. Learn the fundamental choreographic principles and technical exercises of the dance repertoire.

Furthermore, it is the real example of how a traditional culture has been handed down from the past to present and it will pass on to the future. This class is an evident of the long linear of creative craft that still serves the today’s need and frames the future.

Photographer: Ada Khun

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