Through The Mask: Costume Trial – First Time

“I am enjoying a wonderful experiment in the studio where Khmer Lakhaon Khaol male masked dance meets Javanese tari topeng Klana, masked dance, in preparation for our piece for Dusk Dances 2014 from 4th to 10th of august “Through the Mask”. Javanese dancer Boby Ari Setiawan and Khmer dancer Chy Ratana tried the dance today wearing partial costume and masks for the first time. The results were so exciting, and clearly, these two male masked dance traditions have a vital affinity, not only as revealed by historical analysis, but more forcefully, in practice as I witnessed it in the studio! I am so excited. I hope you can come to see these two amazing dancers perform our new work.” Peter Chin

Photos Below: Photo Courtesy of Tribal Crackling Wind

1941613_666820666743920_1817446070868840251_o 10379960_666821000077220_4512629677421272071_o 10380124_666821446743842_1721887888071782076_o 10380519_666820860077234_4931424171245753479_o 10380519_666820880077232_1192264023845174869_o 10428315_666820726743914_7594143689348198187_o 10428330_666821143410539_7273194766303743519_o 10481532_666820806743906_4491948251483953836_o 10496944_666821326743854_2711382085916047841_o 10499363_666821363410517_7355450221232501791_o 10505067_666820920077228_8673991663510091063_o 10514206_666820670077253_5914075082607995895_o 10549231_666821390077181_5112328927588920025_o

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