Lakhaon Khaol, Kun Khmer – Choreographed by NOUN Sovitou

Amrita’s dancer/choreographer, NOUN Sovitou, has just finished his final exam at RUFA which the result has already been released that he has passed with a great score. A very great news of Vitou and now that he is on the way to Germany for a workshop trip. He has performed Cambodian Male Masked Dance (Lakhaon Khaol), Kun Khmer which is the piece that he has choreographed by his own self. It  talked about the ability of problem solving which people nowadays do not always use it wisely  and that people are created equally. Some people are selfish and they only listen to their mindsets. Vitou wants to show audiences about the equally of human being, rights, and peace. These are some photos of his piece.


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth


Photographer: Lorn Seilboth

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