Belle’s Studying Life in Wellington, New Zealand

“I did show my dance to everyone, and they love it so much.” Belle. Chumvann Sodhachivy (Belle), our dancer/choreographer, is now in Wellington, New Zealand, for her second session of study at Victoria University of Wellington. She has made lots of friends and she has mentioned that life there is so much fun and fantastic but she miss her mother and Cambodia so much especially during this Pchum Ben period. She wants to spend times with her family and go to pagoda together. Belle has lots of things to do in class, very busy studying life she has right now. Although she’s very busy with school and homework, Belle will not miss any dance performance. She has joined many dance performances at Wellington in her leisure time. What an artist life! Also she has shown her Cambodian contemporary dance in a dinner meeting last night with her friends and teachers and they love her performance so much. “It was just a small dinner meeting with everyone like a hang out but it was so much fun and creative plus we shared lots of our lives stories and our talents. Some have talents and practice them in their leisure time and some (including me) have talents but develop them into career.” Belle.




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