Choreography Workshop, Informal Showcase

IMG_0986After all the Choreography workshop of Amrita Performing Arts and Mark Morris Dance Group has been going for 3 days, the informal showcase of their work on Friday afternoon was totally down to Earth. It was impressed to see how their work was that great as we already know that Amrita Performing Arts is focusing on contemporary dance but mostly base on classical movement. The dancers of Mark Morris Dance Group were really into Khmer contemporary, they could have done those movements right though it’s difficult for them. “Every of Amrita’s dancers can be the characters of their movements which it’s pretty new for me because all we have done was being ourselves” – Erin, dancer of Mark Morris Dance Group. “They have expressed their confident and focus on their characters which are the things I think I cannot do but once I started dancing with them, they just made me follow them automatically.” – Rita, one of the Mark Morris Dance Group. Moreover, the Artistic Director of Mark Morris Dance Group, Mark Morris said, “I’m so pleased to see they could work together that well because I thought it would be like East and West, very complicated and would not be that satisfied. I like the fact that their work didn’t make us recognize it’s finished. It was so unexpected and I love it.” There are some photos of the informal showcase below.

IMG_0923 IMG_0969 IMG_0988 IMG_1025

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