Contemporary Dance Platform – Tension


Photo Courtesy of Chhanita Hen

The piece focuses on physical and mental challenges in everyday live. Rady is interested in investigating on how individual and communal forces give impact to each other. He would like to explore also for the differences between internal and external strength through co-motion of intensity and contact intensification of speed change.

Nget Rady began his dance training in 1999, specializing in the monkey role of Lakhaon Kaol, the Cambodian classical male masked dance form. As a classical dancer, Rady has toured to Europe and throughout Asia and as a contemporary dancer has performed in numerous works of contemporary dance as well as participated in many contemporary dance workshops. Rady has already created a number of his own works including The Feeling for Street Children. He was a featured dancer in CRACK – a new work of Cambodian contemporary dance by German choreographer Arco Renz that was awarded the 2012 ZKB Patronage Prize in Zurich Switzerland in September 2012. He has also worked with established choreographers, Emmanuèle Phuon in Khmeropedies III: Source/Primate at the Guggenheim Museum as part of Season of Cambodia in New York in 2013 and inTemporal Pattern by Hiroaki Umeda at the da:ns Festival in Singapore. Rady holds a BA in Choreographic Arts from the Royal University of Fine Arts.

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