A Conversation with Artists of Amrita Performing Arts

Tuesday May 5 2015 at 6.00-8.00pm
Java Café and Gallery Downstairs
(56 Sihanouk Boulevard).

Hosted by Java Café and Gallery, this is an opportunity to speak and hear from the three artists who have created new works-in-progress showcased on Saturday May 2nd 2015 as part of the Contemporary Dance Platform.
Conversation in English and Khmer.

Photographer: Touch Salyniroth

Photographer: Touch Salyniroth

This is part of Contemporary Dance Platform, the integral element of Amrita’s Artist Development Program. The program enables emerging Cambodian Choreographers to create new works of contemporary dance and theater. These three artists have created new works-in-progress to be showcased on Saturday May 2nd 2015 at the Department of Performing Arts. This talk event is organized in collaboration with Java Café and Gallery in a joint effort to promote discourses in art practices.

For more information please call: 023 987 420
Email: info@amritaperformingarts.org

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