A note from our Artistic Director about the last Contemporary Dance Platform (CDP)

_AAD2921It is still a very early process, but our artists now know how to think beyond themselves. They thought deeply about life and how they take it as a source of inspiration. We can see it in their respective works and approaches: Davy focuses on a reflection between inner and outer through visuals, while Mo is more confident in his use of choreography as to show how life is a journey from one place to the next and Belle focuses on using new elements of expressing her ideas, making the audience wonder about consequences of one’s actions. I feel proud as they, as artists, think broader thanks to more research, expanding their boundaries to better reflect nowadays Cambodia.

This CDP marks a significant change: from stopping to try to be something else to be more original and creative and find how to use technical elements to support their message. For example, musics used in their works, all unique creations, are inspired by their Cambodian backgrounds: none of the pieces used Western instruments. I can only emphasize the completeness of the platform involving all aspects of the arts.

I also appreciate it as a resounding success towards the young audience and wonder: “How to reach out to more audience to support city life? Every event reflects the heart of a city. How to get more involved?” As an Artistic Director, choreographer and dancer, I cherish the idea of giving the opportunity for upcoming choreographers to present their work and speak up for themselves as a way to promote democracy and leadership through the arts.

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