Our choreographer and dancer Nget Rady successful candidate of the prestigious Asian Cultural Council (ACC) grant

Our Artistic Director, Chey Chankethya comes back on Rady’s background and commitment to contemporary dance at the announcement of his accomplishment.

da:ns 2013 - KHMEROPÉDIES III: SOURCE / PRIMATE by Emmanuèle Phuon and Amrita Performing Arts (Cambodia)

by Emmanuèle Phuon and Amrita Performing Arts (Cambodia)

Rady has always been very committed. He is trained as male masked dancer and he believes in what he does. As coming from a very poor family, he is interested in social issues and believes that as an artist, he can bring change to society. He uses art to reach out and heal himself: not for money or fame but to help society. I see him as a promising choreographer for Cambodia and even South East Asia.

Thanks to the ACC grant, he will have the opportunity to go to the US for six months. It is a great chance to both improve his English and build his network, to develop and broaden his mind as a conceptual artist, so he can get inspiration for once he gets back to Cambodia, as he is interested in developing Khmer classical training methodology.

To me, he personifies independence and can adapt to a new environment easily, he is very open. He is one of the most amazing dancers; he has a leader brain and never stops creating work. He shows real commitment, he is a real model. He is the hope of the young generation of Cambodian choreographers. This shows in his life’s motto “Never stop questioning, never stop learning.”

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