Hamlet in Cambodia – Shakespeare’s biography

វីល្លៀមសេកស្ពៀរ ជាកវីជនជាតិអង់គ្លេសដែលគេចាត់ទុកថាជាអ្នកនិពន្ធល្ខោនដ៏អស្ចារ្យជាងគេក្នុងអក្សរសិល្ប៍អង់គ្លេស ។ គាត់ជាអ្នកនិពន្ធប្រលោមលោក ស្នេហារឿងរ៉ូមេអូ ជូលីយែត ។ កាលពីឆ្នាំ១៥៩៩ គាត់បាននិពន្ធរឿង HAMLET ដែលគេចាត់ទុកជាស្នាដៃដ៏ អស្ចារ្យបំផុតរបស់គាត់ ។ គាត់ពូកែទាំងនិពន្ធប្រលោមលោកស្នេហាកំសត់ និងពូកែទាំងផ្នែករឿងកំប្លែងហើយជាអ្នកនិពន្ធមួយដែលនាំល្ខោនឲ្យមានការវិវត្រីកចម្រើនទៅមុខ ។​


William Shakespeare (1564-1616), often called the English national poet, is still widely considered the greatest dramatist of all time. He went to London in 1587 and by 1592, William had begun a career as a playwright.In 1595, he wrote Romeo and Juliet, which is arguably the most famous love story and tragedy of all time. In 1599, Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, historically thought of as his greatest masterpiece. To this day, Hamlet is probably his most quoted and reproduced tragedy. Today, he is regarded as one of the few playwrights to have succeeded in writing both comedies and tragedies. He is also seen as having revolutionized the world of theater.

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