Rady’s insight of the Asian Dance Company Project in Seoul

“I am interested in working with her because she makes me think of what it is about. It is not about dance, but about the range of emotions experienced by people, through an individual perception of sensations” – Rady talking about his work with Korean choreographer Hwan Soo Hyun.

Rady came back on October 10th from a 6 weeks residency in Korea at the Asian Dance Company. Thanks to this combination of Asian arts showcase and dance workshop, he could collaborate with Asian dancers. The concept was for the supervisors to question the dancers and push them to understand each other and experiment through the intercultural sharing process. All dancers were challenged in their own pieces and led to rethink them and become aware of the correlation of the emotions they want to convey and specific moves. The residency ended with a final performance involving all dancers and making them work together, raveling their various experiences and influences.


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