4 Fulbrighters in Amrita’s 5th Contemporary Dance Platform

Amrita’s 5th Contemporary Dance Platform involves 4 Fulbrighters, Chey Chankethya (MFA in Dance/Choreography, UCLA),  Jacob David Sudol (Ph.D. 2015-16 Fulbright Taiwan Senior Scholar), Kang Rithisal (MA in Arts Management, SUNY Buffalo), and Sopha Ratana (MA, Environmental Science and Policy, Clark University).

Rithisal (Sal) and Chankethya (Kethya) are the Executive Director and Artistic Director of Amrita Performing Arts, one of the leading performing arts organization in Cambodia. With a dance company of 17 classically trained Cambodian artists, as well as a strong production team, the organization produce works of  contemporary dance and theater that tour nationally and internationally. The Contemporary Dance Platform provides opportunities to Cambodian emerging dance makers to create their new works. Invited to the platform, Jacob shares his choreographic perspectives with Amrita’s choreographers on the works in progress created. Last but not least, Ratana, current President of FUSSAC and an art aficionado, moderates the post showcase discussion between the artists and the audience.

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