Phon Sopheap, the choreographer

Photo by Chih-Yu Lin.
PSopheaphon Sopheap
studied Lakhaon Kaol and completed his training in 2000 and has since toured internationally as a classical dancer.  With a strong interest in contemporary dance, Sopheap joined numerous regional dance workshops including the Young Choreographer’s Workshop in Surabaya in July 2006 as an Asian Cultural Council recipient where he created his first contemporary solo work entitled A Monkey’s Mask. Since then, Sopheap has toured internationally in works by Emmanuèle Phuon, Peter Chin and Arco Renz among others.

He is now part of Amrita’s artistic leadership team. His work Monkey’s Mask II will be showcased as part of Amrita’s 5th Contemporary Dance Platform and is the next episode of his first contemporary solo work entitled A Monkey’s Mask, created in 2006 at the Young Choreographer’s Workshop in Surabayaas.


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