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A beautiful masculinity – Melissa Coade for Amrita

In the cool shadows of a modest theatre three men shuffle, lunge and swerve with hypnotic artistry. The contortion of their bare arms and torsos imitate the ‘physical gestures of Khmer boxing vocabulary’ in an elegant portrayal of the fighter’s … Continue reading

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Our Artistic Director in her latest artistic collaboration – Soil

Our Artistic Director Chey Chankethya just finished her series of showcases held at the University of Iowa for her latest collaboration Soil, an intercultural dance theater trio conceived and directed by Michael Sakamoto. The piece is co-written and co-choreographed with the performers: Cambodian classical … Continue reading

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Yon Davy – Korean Residency at the Asia Culture Center

“I have learnt a lot from this residency, like how to communicate with other international professional artists from different fields. I think I have also learnt how to manage a budget. But the most important skill I have developed is … Continue reading

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Noun Sovitou, one of Brodal Serei’s dancers

“It was not difficult for me to train with Hem Saran, the professional boxer who taught us basic moves of Brodal Serei, as I am trained in traditional Khmer martial arts. What I found challenging in this project was to … Continue reading

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Khon Chan Sithyka, one of Brodal Serei’s dancers

“When I was young, my house was next to the old stadium where boxers trained, so I could go and watch them. When Emmanuèle Phuon asked me to join her Brodal Serei project, we all practiced with professional boxers. As soon as I … Continue reading

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Nget Rady, one of Brodal Serei’s dancers

“Before I started Brodal Serei I was learning Kun Khmer. It seemed similar at first. Then we started Brodal Serei‘s project and we joined Brodal class for a month. I was the one facing the most difficulties among the three dancers, despite knowing Kun Khmer. The character … Continue reading

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Lim How Ngeang the Dramaturge

Lim How Ngean has been regularly dramaturging for Phonm Penh-based Amrita Performing Arts Group with Belgium-based choreographer Emmanuele Phuon on Brodal Serei‘s project. His expertise has enabled our artists to convey Brodal Serei’s personal story of a Khmer boxer by various means … Continue reading

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