Nget Rady, one of Brodal Serei’s dancers

“Before I started Brodal Serei I was learning Kun Khmer. It seemed similar at first. Then we started Brodal Serei‘s project and we joined Brodal class for a month. I was the one facing the most difficulties among the three dancers, despite knowing Kun Khmer. The character we have to embody for Brodal Serei is very different to me, reflecting daily life’s moves whereas Kun Khmer is all about dance and showing the phrase of the movement. Day after day, I implied myself  as much as I could to get into the boxer’s character, confident, proud and strong, to the point of looking intimidating and sometimes almost aggressive. It is challenging for me but with hard-work I could get it, even becoming a different person during the dance.”

© John Vink / Magnum Photos

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