Amrita’s Production Coordinator in New York City

Our Production Coordinator, Bunny Hourt, is currently in a two-month production stage management residency with the international acclaimed New York based dance company, Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG). This residency has been made possible through a grant from the Asian Cultural Council in New York City.

Bunny developed an intimate personal and professional relationship with Johan Henckens, MMDG’s Technical Director when this company came to Cambodia as part of the tour, Excursions 2014. Afterwards, dialogues continued between Amrita and MMDG regarding the possible opportunity in working together until Bunny received the ACC grant to realize this residency.

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Amrita continues to nurture artists in choreographic capacity and artistic leadership and arts practitioners in all areas of arts management. We look forward to 2017 when our emerging dancer/choreographer, Rady Nget, also with a grant from ACC, is undertaking his six-month residency in the US.

We are grateful to the Asian Cultural Council for the generous support, especially to Cecily Cook and Jeremy Gleason. Many thanks to MMDG, particularly Nancy Umaoff and Johan Henckens, for their facilitation.We owe gratitude to Dr Kim Pichpinun, Dean of the Faculty of Choreographic Arts and Dr Bong Savath, President of the Royal University of Fine Arts for their support. We are also grateful to the US embassy in Phnom Penh, Public Affairs Section, Jay Raman and Pheakdey Nhim, for kind visa assistance.

More about Bunny

Hourt Bunny was trained in Khmer folklore dance and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Choreography from the Royal University of Fine Arts. In 2010 with a grant through Amrita Performing Arts, Bunny undertook the stage management fellowship in collaboration with Kelola at Teater Koma in Indonesia. Bunny has worked as a production coordinator for numerous Amrita productions and festivals including the rock opera Where Elephants Weep, Cambodian Youth Arts Festival, Season of Cambodia festival in New York, Mahabharata by Japanese director Hiroshi Koike and toured to Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and Rwanda. In 2014 he participated in the ASEAN Design and Technical Theater Workshop (Phase III) which focused on Production and Stage Management at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila, Philippines. Bunny is also a faculty member at the Faculty of Choreographic Arts, Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh.

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