A Testament by Fred Frumberg

I was profoundly humbled, overwhelmed and deeply proud of what Sal and his team pulled off on Sunday night.   It was a true celebration in every sense of the word.  The adventure began as soon as one drove up to the venue.  The front of the theater was decorated with posters and photographs of every show that Amrita ever produced…. And my god there are a lot of them!  There was a video retrospective and an extraordinary sense of festive celebration as the place filled up with Amrita’s long time fans and admirers.   The show began outdoors with an ensemble dance by Kethya performed in the shadow of our many show posters.   The audience was then ushered inside and it was a very full house indeed.  We then had welcome speeches from Sal, Kethya and myself. The show then proceeded with five additional pieces for a total of six works of dance, all choreographed and performed by Amrita choreographers and dancers.  The production quality of the evening was world class so every member of the team including each artist, stage manager, crew member, administrator, usher, ticket taker etc.,  shined bright for all to behold.   There was a wonderful post show party at Java Cafe dominated by an atmosphere of utter joy and pride.   Many tears were shed but all tears of joy at this moment of both closure and new beginnings.

The performance was also dedicated to our late board member, Sam Miller who would have been extremely proud.

– Fred Frumberg 
Founder & Chairman of the Board

Photographers: Mech Sereyrath & Sour Sophea
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