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“Here I Stand In Time” Program Information

HERE I STAND IN TIME by Peter Chin in collaboration with Chey Chankethya & the Artists of Amrita Performing Arts Produced by Tribal Crackling Wind in collaboration with Amrita Performing Arts. In-kind contribution by Somatoa Lotus Textiles and Additional support … Continue reading

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«រូបនេះ ទីនេះ ពេលនេះ»

ព័ត៌មានអំពីការសម្តែង  ១) តើការសម្តែងនេះប្រព្រឹត្តទៅម៉ោងប៉ុន្មាន? ទីកន្លែងណា? ថ្ងៃសៅរ៍ និងអាទិត្យ ទី ១១និងទី១២ ខែមីនា ឆ្នាំ២០១៧ (សូមមើលម៉ោងនិងទីកន្លែងខាងក្រោម) បើលោកអ្នកអញ្ជើញមកដល់១០នាទីមុន ម៉ោងសម្តែង នោះជាការប្រសើរ ។ ការសម្តែងស្នាដៃនេះ ចែកចេញជា៣ឆាក ហើយឆាកនីមួយៗឋិតនៅទីកន្លែង សម្តែងផ្សេងៗគ្នា។ ឆាកទី១៖ សួនច្បារទល់មុខផ្ទះមេត្តា (ឬខាងមុខសាកលវិទ្យាល័យបៀលប្រាយ) ៤.៣០-៥.០០នាទីល្ងាច សូមចតកង់ម៉ូតូរបស់លោកអ្នក នៅផ្ទះមេត្តា ។ បើផ្ទះមេត្តាអស់កន្លែងចត សូមចតកង់ម៉ូតូរបស់លោកអ្នកនៅចំណតរបស់សាកលវិទ្យាល័យបៀលប្រាយ ។ សូមចតឡាន នៅជុំវិញសួនច្បារឬក្នុងចំណតសាកលវិទ្យាល័យបៀលប្រាយ ។ ឆាកទី២៖ សារមន្ទីរទួលស្លែង (មន្ទីរស២១) ៥.៥០-៦.២០នាទីល្ងាច ចំណតក្នុងបរិវេណសារមន្ទីរ ឆាកទី៣៖ តារាងបាល់ទាត់3G (ទល់មុខស្ថានទូតអូស្រ្តាលី) … Continue reading

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INFORMATION FOR AUDIENCE  1) What are the times and venues of the performance?  Saturday and Sunday March 11-12, 2017. Times and Venues Below. It is good to plan your arrival 10 minutes before the performance times. Each evening performance is … Continue reading

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Chankethya Chey, the Artistic Director

Chankethya Chey (Kethya) started her classical dance training at the age of five. As one of Cambodia’s outstanding classical dancers, Kethya has performed nationally and internationally with the Cambodian Ballet Royal Troupe. In 2006, she was awarded a Choreography Arts … Continue reading

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Rady Nget’s 7-month US residency

Nget Rady (Dancer), began his dance training in 1999  in the monkey role of Lakhaon Kaol and graduated with a BA in choreography from the Royal University of Fine Arts in 2014. As a classical dancer, Rady has toured to … Continue reading

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Amrita’s Production Coordinator in New York City

Our Production Coordinator, Bunny Hourt, is currently in a two-month production stage management residency with the international acclaimed New York based dance company, Mark Morris Dance Group (MMDG). This residency has been made possible through a grant from the Asian … Continue reading

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