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The Terrace of the Leper King – Amon Miyamoto Production

Five Cambodian artists, among them Chumvan Sodhachivy (Belle), Chy Lina, Khon Chansithyka (Mo) and Khon Chansina (Nan) from Amrita, have been rehearsing with director Amon Miyamoto on his upcoming production, “The Terrace of the Leper King”, written by the iconic Japanese author by … Continue reading

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Khon Chan Sithyka, one of Brodal Serei’s dancers

“When I was young, my house was next to the old stadium where boxers trained, so I could go and watch them. When Emmanuèle Phuon asked me to join her Brodal Serei project, we all practiced with professional boxers. As soon as I … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Artists of Amrita Performing Arts

Tuesday May 5 2015 at 6.00-8.00pm Java Café and Gallery Downstairs (56 Sihanouk Boulevard). Hosted by Java Café and Gallery, this is an opportunity to speak and hear from the three artists who have created new works-in-progress showcased on Saturday … Continue reading

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អ្នកដំឡើងរបាំ ខុន ច័ន្ទសិទ្ធិការ្យ (ម៉ូ) Khon Chan Sithyka, the Choreographer​

ខុន ច័ន្ទសិទិ្ធការ្យ (ម៉ូ) ចូលហាត់រៀនផ្នែកល្ខោនខោល ​ឯកទេសតួអង្គស្វា កាលពីឆ្នាំ២០០២ នៅសាលាមធ្យមវិចិត្រសិល្បៈ និងបានបញ្ចប់នៅឆ្នាំ២០១១ ។ ក្នុងពេលកំពុងសិក្សាជំនាញ សិល្បៈនេះ គាត់ធ្លាប់បានសម្តែងជាច្រើនសន្ធឹកសន្ធាប់ជាមួយក្រុមសិល្បៈសុវណ្ណភូមិ ដែលជា ក្រុមសម្តែងរបាំនិងលោ្ខនស្បែកមួយក្នុងទីក្រុងភ្នំពេញ ។ ជាមួយក្រុមសិល្បៈនេះ គាត់ក៏បាន ចូលរួមរៀនសូត្រក្នុងសិក្ខាសាលារបាំសហសម័យជាច្រើន ។ ម៉ូធ្លាប់បានសម្តែងក្នុងស្នាដៃ ជាមួយអ្នកដំឡើងរបាំនិងអ្នកដឹកនាំរឿងជាតិនិងអន្តរជាតិជាច្រើន និងធ្លាប់ធ្វើដំណើរសម្តែង នៅសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិច អឺរ៉ុប និងនៅបណ្តាប្រទេសអាស៊ី ។ ម៉ូជាអ្នកសម្តែងម្នាក់ក្នុងផ្ទាំង           ទស្សនីយភាពសិល្បៈអូប៉េរ៉ាដ៏ធំមួយ ដឹកនាំដោយលោក ភីថឺ សេឡឺ ក្នុងទីក្រុងម៉ាឌ្រីដ ។ Khon Chan Sithyka (Mo)​ began his training … Continue reading

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A new piece…?

Choreographer Emmanuèle Phuon (who created Khmeropédies I, II and III) arrived back in Phnom Penh last week to start working with some of our dancers on a new dance project. In this blog she briefly explains the new project. That’s right! … Continue reading

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Meet the choreographer – Emmanuèle Phuon

Emmanuèle Phuon is French-Cambodian and lives in Brussels, Belgium. She began her dance training with the Royal Ballet of Cambodia at age five. In 1975 she moved to Bangkok with her mother where she lived until she was 16. At … Continue reading

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Khmeropédies III: Source/Primate in rehearsal again

by Emmanuèle Phuon What a pleasure to be back in Phnom Penh and in a rehearsal space with the Amrita dancers! We are preparing for our Singapore appearance next week and the last time we saw each other was in … Continue reading

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Mahabharata (continued-flier)

Performance “Mahabharata” will be presented on Friday & Saturday 12th & 13th July 2013 at 6.30pm at the Department of Performing Arts. Learn more of this work at BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW. Click here for direction to Department of Performing Arts.

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Mahabharata (continued-2)

This gallery contains 13 photos.

“Mahabharata” is the ancient Indian sacred epic, written in Sanskrit. It consists of a total of 18 books and one hundred thousand poems, which makes Mahabharata 15 times as extensive as the Bible. In no other age or country, a … Continue reading

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Mahabharata (continued-1)

This gallery contains 1 photo.

4 Amrita artists Chumvan Sodhachivy (Belle), Phon Sopheap, Khon Chansithyka (Mo)  & Khiev Sovanrith and 3 International Artists; 2 from Japan Tetsuro Koyano, Sachiko Shirai and 1 from Malaysia Lee Swee Keong are entering their second month of rehearsals with Hiroshi Koike … Continue reading

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