A new piece…?

Choreographer Emmanuèle Phuon (who created Khmeropédies I, II and III) arrived back in Phnom Penh last week to start working with some of our dancers on a new dance project. In this blog she briefly explains the new project.


left to right: Kong Ly Hou (friend of Saran), dancer Nget Rady, teacher Hem Saran, dancer Khon Chan Sithyka (Mo), choreographer Emmanuèle Phuon and dancer Noun Sovitou (Tou)

That’s right! we are embarking on a new adventure.

Last Tuesday, three of Amrita’s group, Rady, Mo and Tou, started to work on a new piece…

OK, I don’t know yet if it will be a new piece, and the subject, Khmer boxing is rough. Rough on the body, rough to put on stage, rough in my mind… Thank God I have Sopheap to assist me in this, and three very patient, hard working, and willing men.

We brought in Hem Saran as our specialist. Saran is a professional boxer and helps us get the moves right. We are always afraid that he will get carried away and throw one of us a real punch, but so far so good.

We’ll keep you posted!

Emmanuèle Phuon

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