“The beauty of it is to create curiosity” – Chey Chankethya about the Platform

“I applaud everyone’s commitment to push their own boundaries. Narim took us to a different world, it was very daring to explore her vocabulary with the metal cube. I believe it is the first time a Cambodian artist uses such props. Chanborey’s work was very fresh and [he was] committed to his own work, on a topic which is sensitive for both his family and himself. Sopheap offered a lovely piece which is the progression of himself as an artist.

Amrita artists take contemporary [dance] to a new level, which benefits them and the society as a whole. It is beyond the mentality to have art for the sake of art, they now offer art for the community, for a better society. As a person, I believe art should have the obligation to give back to society.

Narim reflects on history through the personal story of her grandmother, Borey raises awareness on disabled people through his father’s story and Sopheap tells about the loss of his own art form and tradition.

This fifth edition was very touching and daring. I have noticed six weeks is too short for a very intense process which takes longer than that and therefore I will keep it in mind for next one. I have also realized artists need more dramaturgy to come up with more elaborated works.

At this point, we passed the transition period between classical and contemporary and it is the right time to go further and start the next step. To connect with our own roots is more than dancing with our own vocabulary, with the pending question of how to develop and share this art form so that it can contribute to anyone?”


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